Why clothing matters to this Manchester popup

The Empty Shop 2018


People still need to be told! 

I was reminded of the infographics above after looking at the interesting web page Fairness on the 83

So people, in terms of getting or wanting equality may, for example having different heritage, get talked about in terms of recognising their diversity. For me, this means I usually begin doing an internal mind shower checking for equity. All the time recognising you can take a horse to water, n all that… .

I’m starting to think equity has to go multiple ways…as everyone is in situations. Priority, priorities, prioritise, prioritised. Empathy. Emotional intelligence. I am also believing we can find ourselves scaling another wall that everyone is capable of taking liberties…at any time. Not with me, we all think. 


People still need to be told. People is I.

People will improvise on the what people when people and how people. I’m reminded someone once said, “I’m not defined by what I don’t do”.