Everybody hurts sometime. Your own wellbeing comes first

People do question. How I am? They can’t know me…no matter how good any attempt to explain, I tell myself. I don’t need A.N. Other(s) nod of understand.

Could be better. But I remain unapologetic.

“I am not defined by what I don’t do”

I do like me…I have to…but I find it strange to be questioned on my behave…so others can validate their existing it seems.

As intelligent beings we can think back and analyse. And usually the self loathing starts. Identify some best practice solution.

“I just don’t think about it”

Risk avoidance is a valid option and my natural position…as I don’t matter at all.

The intelligent thing is to remember scares to my health need acting upon. Wisdom comes if you live long enough. So when s#t happens think self. Your own wellbeing comes first and do not have a guilt trip on that.

For the unwise who may need to validate to A.N. Other(s) maybe this here.


Animals do the funniest things, people not so. Could I draw the line now on my past behaviour and something on comparison.

I am seriously thinking of becoming vegan. It must be a challenge similar to what some people find to not do racist things. I mean I currently eat some animals. Not all. I like some animals. Not all. So even I question my bad self.

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